Last year I brought a Edyn smart garden thing.

It was closed source, but solar and shiny. It had a pretty web interface.

Then the company went bankrupt Sorry I’ve been informed they are not bankrupt. They’ve just taken their API, and website offline and ceased responding in a timely way to customer service enquires.

So i’m left with a bunch of useless hardware. A salutary lesson in the importance of open source.

So this year I’m hacking my own.

It will consist of a Miflora sensor. Which for £10 does most of the graphing the Edyn did. Lux, Temp, Moisture, fertility. I recommend them.

However they are bluetooth only. So you have to be next to them to grab the data.

So my next step will be to connect them to a Open MQTT gateway

Running on a £6 Esp32 dev board  

With a £5.50 Motor shield to open a £5 solenoid.

It won’t be pretty or shiny. But I will actually own it.