Climate change strategies

1, Electrify everything except trains, electric heaters are easy to retrofit into homes and businesses.

2, Make it law that all plastic bottles must be turned into insulation at the expense of manafacturers.

3, Provide agriculture grants to plant alley crops of edible nut hedging & nitrogen fixers maintained at 2m height, 10m spacing between rows. Mechanically harvest and maintain the height of hedges with electric machinery. Cover space between trees with agriphotovoltaics also at 2m height. Grow annuals beneath.

4, Convert woody wastes from alley crops to biochar and electricity to sequester carbon to the soil.

4, Electrify all farm machinery and make it smaller and lighter, use clover for fertility, robots where you can

5, Invest heavily in transcontinental high voltage power lines. Particularly from desert areas.

5, Fund solar in desert areas

6, Build lot’s of wind capacity, on and offshore fixed and floating

7, Develop tens of thousands of gravity storage devices near to urban centres. (interseasonal store)

8, Provide Vehicle to grid-compatible charging points on most lamposts in urban areas. (minute/ day/ week store)

9, Develop power to gas & extensive Hydrogen storage facilities alongside the tracks on all major rail routes. Put generation facilities on site. (Month/season store)

10, Quickly convert rail rolling stock to hydrogen. Maintain a mobile fleet of hydrogen storage tanks to move it around if necessary. Use the fuel cells in trains as additional generating capacity if needed. eg at night during the winter. Make rail travel free.

11, Require all new busses, lorries and cars from 2023 to be electric or hydrogen and have a vehicle to grid capability.

12, Make it a planning requirement that all new buildings have solar roofs.