£300 refugee infrastructure package

What are the bare minimum requirements for a refugee situation? 6 x 15mm 8×4 panels = £180 ThermHex £20 20m of flashing tape From which you can build a Octayurt Infrastructure Package £22 1 Wood Gasification Stove (burns wood for cooking, 3x more efficient than clay stoves) £20 2x LED Flashlights (energy efficient area lighting) Read more about £300 refugee infrastructure package[…]

A good life for all within planetary boundaries #OnePlanet

Humanity faces the challenge of how to achieve a high quality of life for over 7 billion people without destabilizing critical planetary processes. Physical needs such as nutrition, sanitation, access to electricity and the elimination of extreme poverty could likely be met for all people without transgressing planetary boundaries. More   Ecological Footprinting analysis shows Read more about A good life for all within planetary boundaries #OnePlanet[…]