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Open Source Seeds

This site was set up to explore the concept of open source seeds. Since then the Open Source Seed initiative has started up and is doing great work.

Go to Farmhack


We are a worldwide community of farmers that build and modify our own tools. We share our hacks online and at meet ups because we become better farmers when we work together.

Go to Open Food network

Open Food network

Food unincorporated. An online platform to sell food. We enable collaboration. We level the playing field.

Go to Farm OS

Farm OS

farmOS is a Drupal distribution for managing an operating farm. It includes modules and configuration for managing areas, plantings, animals, equipment, and more

Go to Farmbot


FarmBot ships with the most common electronics of the DIY world: The Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino Mega 2560. These platforms work seamlessly with the FarmBot software right out of the box.

Go to Bristol Fish project

Bristol Fish project

Bristol Fish Project is an Aquaponics project. I’m going to be playing around with Open Source monitoring and control

Go to Open Farm

Open Farm

A free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge

Go to The Things Network

The Things Network

We are on a mission to build a global open crowdsourced Internet of Things data network.

The Agroecology lab

Carbon sequestering agriculture; Productive & Evidence based

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