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Visual Fish analysis in Aquaponics

Thinking about the ARK and how fish behaviour could be monitored. There already exists a temperature compensating feeder from Aquaponics lab. What would it look like to factor in the fish behaviour into a feeding regime? So if fish were observed using an underwater USB camera & A Pi what analysis could you run? Some useful tools Read more about Visual Fish analysis in Aquaponics[…]

Aquaponics Research Kit (ARK)

What it is: A standardised and Open Source Aquaponics system Suitable for temperate climates. Affordable but capable of producing useful food Basic Kit £400 parts target (Ballpark £600 shipped cost) Well insulated single IBC system with media grow bed above tank Dual Airlift pump < £30 ESP Temp & EC sensor Transparent Polycarbonate inner cover Read more about Aquaponics Research Kit (ARK)[…]

Minimum viable Aquaponics – Full year IBC

In software there’s this idea of minimum viable product  In aquaponics the IBC system is pretty much the basic system, but in colder climates the system will not operate all year. So my thought is; what is the minimum viable IBC system for year round operation in a UK climate? The solution should: Be as Read more about Minimum viable Aquaponics – Full year IBC[…]