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Minimum viable Aquaponics – Full year IBC

In software there’s this idea of minimum viable product 

In aquaponics the IBC system is pretty much the basic system, but in colder climates the system will not operate all year.

So my thought is; what is the minimum viable IBC system for year round operation in a UK climate?

The solution should:

  • Be as efficient as possible – Use as little energy as possible for heating and lighting
  • Not require more attention than a regular garden

The system 

  • Will be well insulated with polypropylene foam
  • Will include a insulated cloche
  • Will include super insulated ‘night cover’ that closes over the cloche in the dark or when exterior temperature is very low.
  • Will include LED lighting
  • Will include ventilation to keep humidity acceptable
  • Using Carp or Perch so that heating and cooling are not required


Extensions to the basic system it might include: